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Drinking in Canada? Less of a tipple in a Canadian shot glass

on 09/03/11 at 9:51 am

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New metric shot glass developed by Can-Pour

The majority of us have unknowingly (and illicitly) been getting a little extra liquor in our drinks. Just over a millilitre extra, to be exact – hardly enough to notice, but enough to significantly affect bar and restaurant profits.

Kyle Tweter, co-owner of The Moose bar in Vancouver, says he stumbled on this little-known fact after tax officials audited his bar, and then demanded that his business fork over thousands of dollars, based on the amount of liquor it had purchased. According to Mr. Tweter’s own records, that amount didn’t come close to matching how much alcohol the bar had sold.

On a mission to account for the discrepancy, Mr. Tweter scrutinized his business, ruling out employee theft and spillage before finding the real culprit: wrong-size shot glasses. “We were totally shocked,” he says.

Like The Moose, most Canadian bars and restaurants have been using U.S.- ounce shot glasses, which contain 29.6 ml of liquid. The Canadian metric ounce holds the 28.4 ml required under liquor laws.

(Full story via The Globe and Mail}

Can-Pour Canadian metric shot glass

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