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Let’s do lunch! At Bourbon Steak in the Americana!

on 13/01/16 at 3:31 pm

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Girl-barfinal2I don’t know about you but going to a mall for a fabulous meal never occurred to me. Til now. Bourbon Steak just started their lunch service and it’s a dilly.


Lucky Lindy

As a lucky attendee at Bourbon Steak’s roll-out of their lunch menu, I started off with a delicious, refreshing Lucky Lindy cocktail – named for Charles Lindburgh – made with Double Cross Vodka, lime juice, Aperol and kaffir lime syrup (all the spirit infusions, syrups and garnishes are made in-house) in a rocks glass. Rayland Fuentes is in charge of their stellar bar program.


Chef Kyle Johnson


Chopped Tuna Nicoise




We were served delectable starters served family-style: Duck Spring Rolls, Hummus with Everything, Trio of Ceviche, Beets and Burrata, Chinese Chicken Salad (not what you think), Chopped Tuna Nicoise and Chilled Crab Soba…so beautifully plated. Not a single plate had a dot of sauce – I don’t know how that plating trend started since it’s not enough to feed a hummingbird – or had a single, lonely precious veg. The portions were lush and hearty, the epitome of  someone in the kitchen understanding how to serve an appetizing dish. And that person is chef, Kyle Johnson, who’s resume is probably ten pages long considering he’s cooked in some of the best kitchens all over the world…only after giving up snow-boarding as a potential career. Farm-to-table isn’t just a buzzword with him. He means it.

Beautiful Beets and Burrata

Beautiful Beets and Burrata

What to chose from this choice of mains?! BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger, Heritage Turkey Burger, California Chicken Salad, Steak Frites, House-Made Cabatelli. Dessert was a choice of Lemon Olive Oil Cake or Chocolate Peanut Butter Mousse! It was a feast to remember!

Wine paring, of course: Catena Malbec, Mendoza, Argentina 2013 with the Burger, Calluna ‘CVC’ Red Blend, Chalk Hill, Sonoma County 2012 with the Steak and Sandhi Chardonnay, Santa Barbara County, 2013 with the Chicken Sandwich

And what a pleasure it was to have such terrific service. Professional, attentive and with a smile makes so much difference in one’s enjoyment of a meal. There’s also a killer Happy Hour…everyday from 4:30 – 7.  Get that kickass burger for $12 and a glass of wine or a cocktail and you’re outta there for under twenty bucks.

I have to get this in. The Ladies Room is excellent. A single closed room, beautifully appointed and big enough to camp in.

Leaving the restaurant, there is a display of aging beef which, to me, is the icing on the cake and a lure to come back for dinner!


Located in: The Americana at Brand
Address: 237 S Brand Blvd, Glendale, CA 91210