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Make Your Own Genius Grenadine (Easy!) For Your Cocktails

on 19/02/14 at 9:51 am

Booze News

imagesA wholesome, 4-ingredient DIY grenadine for better drinks at home — plus a gutsy technique for juicing a pomegranate without seeding first.

“I bet just about every one of us has happy childhood memories of Shirley Temples; of sweet, sharp fizz and glee; of feeling both childish and adult; of coveting cherries. There were never enough cherries.

How sad that none of the ingredients live up to our adult standards — literally not a one: ginger ale or 7-up, maraschinos the color of your 80s culottes, and tinted high fructose corn syrup masquerading as grenadine. Did you know grenadine is supposed to be pomegranate syrup, after grenade, the French word for the fruit? Neither did I.

So if you knew how outrageously easy it is to make your own — real, delicious, pomegranate — grenadine, you’d be drinking a lot more Shirley Temples. And pink, but classy, cocktails. Maybe even Tequila Sunrises. (No? Okay.)

This recipe comes from Jeffery Morgenthaler — one of the best mixologists (and drinks bloggers) in the country — and has 4 ingredients. You could have made it just now instead of reading the last 3 paragraphs (sorry).

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