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Man Touts Beer Garden Over Man Cave

on 16/06/11 at 10:45 am

Booze News

Man Cave or Beer Garden?

Nick McCormack thinks it’s time to get the man-cave came out of the basement. “All the guys I know have a retreat at home,” says McCormack, owner of McCormack Masonry and Construction, based in Norwalk, Conn. Men who are handy can escape to their workroom or the garage. But if a chap isn’t good with his hands, he’s usually ends up in the basement. “Somewhere the wife won’t decorate because it’s too dark,” McCormack says with a chuckle.

Nick would like to see men make a stand and take over a bit of the yard. How? Build a beer garden where guys can hang out, cook and entertain. He built one in his own backyard using a variety of recycled materials, including discarded stones from an old church and several lengths of rusty metal railing. Vigorous grape vines grow over a pergola to create a fair-weather roof. Mismatched chairs surround a coffee table, made from two pieces of old sewer pipe from Bridgeport, topped with a piece of recycled glass. “It’s very industrial chic,” he says.

{Full story via The Daily Easton}