Milk & Booze Cocktails: The Perfect Way To Get Your Calcium

on 27/11/10 at 11:07 am

Booze News

Ever think about mixing sake and milk for a holiday drink? What about putting milk in spiked punch?

Top mixologist Duggan McDonnell did, and the California Milk Processor Board, known for its “Got Milk?” and “Mootopia” ad campaigns, has partnered with him to show off his recipes.

The San Clemente-based company began its holiday how-to videos last year with lattes and has moved on to cocktails. Each recipe by McDonnell – who owns San Francisco’s Cantina bar and is recognized as one of the “Leaders of the American Cocktail Revolution” by Food & Wine magazine – serves eight to 10.

{Read here for the recipes vis the OC Register}

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