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Minnesota: Beer Guy Challenges Law to Sell T-Shirts, Too

on 14/02/11 at 1:46 pm

Booze News

Jason Alvey sells beer—lots of it. The owner of the Four Firkins, a craft beer store in St. Louis Park, routinely stocks between 650 and 750 varieties of beer from around the world on the shelves of his small shop.

But there is one thing Alvey can’t sell that he would like to—Four Firkins merchandise.

State law currently has a particular list of 13 things liquor stores may sell, and store-branded merchandise is not on that list. With the help of two local legislators, Alvey is looking to change that. Sen. Ron Latz and Rep. Steve Simon, both of St. Louis Park, have introduced bills that would add merchandise as item No. 14.

“This seems reasonable,” Simon said. “Very reasonable.”

The current law is one of a handful in Minnesota that strictly regulates alcohol sales and related activity. Alvey found this out first hand when, shortly after opening in 2008, he produced a mass order of Four Firkins T-shirts. He wanted to sell them, but quickly learned doing so was illegal. He wound up giving away many of those original shirts as part of one promotion or another.

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