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More celeb booze: Enrique Iglesias partners with Atlantico Rum

on 08/09/11 at 9:29 am

Booze News

The smooth sexy voice of Enrique Iglesias is speaking out about a smooth luxury rum from the Dominican Republic that strikes his fancy. The love affair has apparently become serious as Iglesias recently announced a partnership with the up and coming new Atlantico brand of rum.

With more than 58 million albums sold worldwide, Enrique Iglesias is an icon of the Latin music business. His latest release, Euphoria, includes songs in English and Spanish featuring numerous duets with superstars produced by big-time record executives.

His appreciation for luxury rum is no secret. “I was introduced to Atlantico by friends in Miami, quickly became a fan, and followed its development over the last couple of years,” says Iglesias. “I was recently introduced to its co-founders, Brandon Lieb and Aleco Azqueta, and was immediately drawn to their entrepreneurial spirit and passion for developing a world-class product. I am now delighted to be a partner in this top-quality rum.”


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