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Must have accessory. Lindsay Lohan booze bracelet

on 23/07/14 at 8:01 am

Booze News

indexActress Lohan posed in bikinis and short dresses with her tag in 2010 – and they could soon be coming to a court near you.

New laws banning people from drinking and forcing them to wear “booze bracelets” are to be introduced.

Courts will have the power to issue alcohol-monitoring ankle tags, the sort worn by Hollywood wild child Lindsay Lohan.

Offenders can be given a limit that they are allowed to drink, or they can be banned from consuming booze.

The tag measures the amount of alcohol in sweat every half-hour, with the results sent electronically to a monitoring system.

The Alcohol Abstinence and Monitoring scheme will be piloted in South London next month and could be rolled out across England and Wales.