Must Have Recipe: How To Make Alcoholic Oreos!

on 03/02/15 at 1:34 pm

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indexOn a typical Saturday night, you’re faced with the inevitable choice of whether to do some pregame shots and rally to the bar, or eat an entire sleeve of Oreos and… probably not do the rest of that stuff. Yeah, we know it’s a tough call. But now it’s a decision you no longer have to make, because Foodbeast has taken the liberty of showing everyone how to make alcoholic Oreos, and they’re the best of both worlds.

The preparation process is incredibly simple, and involves Jell-O’s Oreo Pudding Mix, milk, scraping filling out of a loooooot of Oreos (and probably eating it, too), as well as lots of the booze of your choice — they used vodka, and suggest pairing the finished Oreos with a White Russian. But that’s just, like, their opinion, so you can remix these however you want, man.