New York City Banning Happy Hour? You’re kidding, right?

on 30/04/12 at 12:55 pm

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Now that they have eliminated smoking from bars and passed a beloved letter grade system to let you know how clean the city’s restaurants are, the Department of Health has had some free time to focus on their next big fix for New York City. And the winner is a proposal to eliminate happy hours from bars. Wait, what?

Happy hour dates back to Prohibition, when New Yorkers would gather at speakeasies to imbibe before moving on to restaurants that couldn’t serve booze. Today it’s known as that blissful time between the end of the work day and the rest of the night, when adults can stop off at a local watering hole for an adult beverage or two as a way to unwind from the stressful day. As an added benefit, bars usually knock a buck or two off the price of each drink as a way to get you in the door. It’s win-win, unless you are DOH Commissioner Thomas Farley, who in his heart of hearts knows that happy hour is a scourge on our community and families, and must be destroyed. Finally, someone has thought of the children!


Via New York Post

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