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Nissan Leaf powered by… single malt scotch?! Cheers!

on 11/08/11 at 12:29 pm

Booze News

Seeing cars powered by alcohol is nothing new. After all, that’s what ethanol is. But as expensive as gasoline might get, fueling a car on single malt scotch would be more wasteful than lighting your cigar with a hundred-dollar bill. Yet that’s just what one Mark Reynier is doing. Well, almost, but not quite.

Reynier is proprietor of the Bruichladdich distillery (pronounced “brook-laddie”) on the Scottish isle of Islay (“eye-la”). The island is known for its smokey, peaty whiskies, and the (relatively) recently re-opened Bruichladdich distillery is already earning itself distinction not only for the quality of its whiskies – this writer thoroughly enjoyed a glass of the good stuff just the other day – but also for its sustainability. Bruichladdich offers a range of organic single malts, and is also one of the first distilleries to operate self-sufficiently.

The distillery grows, malts and distills its own whisky on-site (a rarity even among single malts), but it has now taken things a step further. Bruichladdich, you see, generates its own electricity by reusing the waste products from the distilling process. And now Reynier is also using that electricity to charge up his Nissan Leaf.

To celebrate the feat, Nissan and Bruichladdich have teamed up for a special Leaf edition organic whisky. Follow the jump to watch the video and read the full press release, and check out the images in the high-resolution gallery for a closer look.

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