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October is almost over but the beer still taps into food

on 26/10/12 at 2:04 pm

Booze News

Octoberfest does not just mean getting drunk with people below your station in life. Beer flows in more venues than just giant gardens —Rustic Canyon has managed to consolidate an entire six pack of craft (Deschutes Brewery’s Black Butte Porter) beer into their “Black Butte Porter Chocolate Tart.”  That’s right – beer and chocolate – shtuping at last. They claim there is almost an entire beer in each slice.  Science!

Also in LA, The Parish does their take on Chicken Wings with a Stout Glaze (which sounds like a male stripper I once knew). The Parish is run by the team behind The Tasting Kitchen, and angles to be pub food plus.

 XEN Lounge is one of the newer places (like Black Market) making the Valley a destination for over-the-hill snobs. Since XEN Lounge started making their Beer Braised Chicken Poutine, westsiders no longer feel the need to jet to Quebec and order their poutine in French. The trek over Laurel Canyon is arduous to be sure, but you can make it if you stop at the Canyon Country store for some snacks. Oh, and XEN is touting a Little Neck Clams dish that comes smothered in beer broth. Who hasn’t been smothered in a frothy beer broth at some moment during undergrad?

XEN Lounge’s Little Neck Clam Dish (swimming in the beer)