One Man's Plea: Bring Back the Bartender. Do You Agree?

on 17/09/10 at 6:42 pm

Booze News

“I was at Cafe Des Amis in Cow Hollow the other night. As usual, I sat at my preferred spot to eat dinner: The bar. I was pleasantly surprised to see a bartender there that has served me in the past when he worked at Perbacco. His name is Scott Wolf and he’s my kind of guy: friendly, a little saucy, always professional and on his game.

I’m taking a leap here to say that Scott probably doesn’t consider himself a mixologist. For one, the restaurants he’s worked at to my knowledge (Chaya, Perbacco, Betelnut) don’t have those kind of bars, dominated by bartenders in the telltale vest/cap/mustache/tattoo getup. For another, he’s always watching to make sure everyone’s happy, rather than losing himself, head down, as he crafts an “artisinal” cocktail. I watched him that night and he was constantly on the move.”

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