Ontario, Canada Does Recycling Right With One Billion Bottles Recycled

on 13/12/10 at 3:52 pm

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Stacked end to end they would reach three quarters of the way to the moon.

Today, the One Billionth liquor container was returned to The Beer Store under the Bag it Back program, the Ontario government’s highly successful deposit return program for wine, spirit and beer containers sold through LCBO and Ontario winery retail stores.

The Bag it Back milestone was celebrated by a reception committee for the One Billionth Bottle made up of Ontario Environment Minister, John Wilkinson, The Beer Store President, Ted Moroz, and Executive Director of the Conservation Council of Ontario, Chris Winter. They were assisted in selecting the One Billionth Bottle by The Beer Store employee Victoria Trueman from the Bathurst and Dupont Beer Store who helps process incoming beer, wine and spirit containers every day.

Chris Winter delivered a collection of empty liquor containers to The Beer Store mid morning at a time when Beer Store business analysts had calculated the One Billionth container would enter the system. The selection of containers returned included coloured and clear glass wine, spirit and cooler bottles, plastic liquor bottles, tetrapak wine containers, and beer bottles and cans sold through the LCBO.

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