Pairing Cocktails With Food. Yes.

on 26/04/12 at 1:29 pm

Booze News

As cocktails have moved toward center stage at many restaurants and nightspots, both restaurants and their customers have been looking to pair cocktails with food. The trick is to compromise the taste of neither the drink or the dish, says Dave Arnold, who opened Booker and Dax bar in New York City with Momofuku chef David Chang in January.

Generally, intensely flavored food goes best with cocktails, Mr. Arnold says, adding that “cocktail pairings work very, very well in small-bite situations, where the flavor of the food tends to be very punchy and bold. You’ve got a lot of salt, you’ve got fried things, crunchy things—things that can stand up to high-intensity flavors of cocktails,” he says.

Dishes that are bland or very subtle may not work so well with cocktails. Salads, for example, aren’t the best pairing—”unless it’s a bold salad, like a Cobb salad,” he says.


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