How much would you pay for a cocktail? $20? More?!

on 28/10/10 at 11:38 am

Booze News

NEW YORK: Ultra-pricey drinks are popping up on menus across town. Total ripoff — or worth the big bucks?

The good news for party people: Wallet-busting bottle service is on the wane. It’s been replaced by creative concoctions made of top-drawer liquors, freshly squeezed juices and handmade syrups. The bad news? The price tag. At $18 and up, plus an average $2 tip — the cost may sober you up fast.

While $14 used to be the earmark of exorbitant pricing for drinks, an increasing number of trendy bars are pouring $20 cocktails: Signature drinks at the Lambs Club and Crosby Bar cost up to $18, while specialty tipples at the Eldridge and Boom Boom Room start in the $20 range.

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