More predictions about what you'll be drinking in '11

on 05/01/11 at 1:47 pm

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Drink consultants and liquor-board buyers have been gazing into the future for months now. They expect big changes on tap for 2011: It’ll be a year of bold flavours, big value and discovery.

“Consumers are beginning to forage” for things they haven’t yet tried, says Tom Pirko, president of Bevmark, a Santa Barbara, Calif.-based firm that advises the food and beverage industries. That includes premium beers from microbreweries, wines from less-travelled regions and spirits other than ubiquitous vodka. “I think that trend is really picking up pace right now.”

I prevailed on Mr. Pirko and other industry experts for their predictions.

A brown tide. Spirits such as Cognac, rum and, most of all, whisky will slake our growing thirst for full-flavoured booze, giving neutral-tasting vodka – though still a growing category at the premium end – a run for its money. “Whisky – Irish, American and [Scottish] single malt – are what people are really looking at,” says Shari Mogk-Edwards, vice-president of merchandising at the Liquor Control Board of Ontario. It’s an exciting development that’s inspiring her to shop for more specialized and rare offerings.

{More predictions via The Globe and Mail}

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