Pubs burn as London riots continue

on 09/08/11 at 4:05 pm

Booze News

Pub owners have spoken of their horror as the riots in London continued for a third night.

Landlords have described the “war zones” in which pubs have been set on fire and customers targeted for mass-muggings as balaclava-wearing youths ran amok in town centres across the country.

Alan McCabe, owner of the Old Fox and Hounds pub in Croydon, south London, told the BBC: “It kicked off very quickly, very sharpishly, and we tried moving people out the pub as fast as possible.

“We blocked up the front doors and moved them out the back. I ripped off all the spirits off the optic behind the bar, so that if anyone did break in they couldn’t be Molotovs.

“Unfortunately I had a 90 year old woman in the pub. She comes in for a cup of tea, a nice quiet woman. She got a little wound up so I carried her across the road to the police who were very accommodating.

“Just as I got her there the riot group, 200 strong, pushed forward. There were bottles, bricks, smoke everywhere; they just don’t care. I’ve never seen such a disregard for human life.”


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