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Rare bottle of scotch selling for $17,000, helloooo, at COSTCO!

on 20/09/13 at 8:32 am

Booze News

indexWhen you go to Costco, you think about buying things like cereal in bulk, gallons of milk, or huge tubs of peanut butter.

But in one Arizona Costco, you can buy a $17,000 bottle of Macallan 60 Years Old Single Malt.

According to MyFoxPhoenix.com, only 400 bottles of the rare aged scotch whisky were made, and there are only 72 for sale in the U.S. They got a closer look at the only bottle for sale in Arizona.

The Macallan distillery has been making world class scotch whisky since 1824. In 2011, the company released the Macallan 60 Years Old Single Malt, the latest edition of the company’s Lalique Six Pillars Collection, which celebrates different aspects of the process of making Macallan.