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Roman shipwreck full of wine jars discovered

on 24/08/11 at 1:03 pm

Booze News

An archaeological mission has unearthed a well-preserved wreck of a Roman cargo ship off Albania’s coast, containing over 300 wine jars.

The 30-metre long wreck dates to the 1st century BC and its cargo is believed to have been the produce of southern Albanian vineyards en route to western European markets, including France.

The find was made 50 metres deep near the port city of Vlora, 90 miles southwest of Albania’s capital, Tirana.

Officials said most of the jars, known by their Greek name of amphoras and used to transport wine and oil, were unbroken despite the shipwreck. However, their stoppers had gone, allowing the wine they contained to leak out into the water.


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