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San Francisco’s Super Bowl Booze Ban a Bust

on 30/01/13 at 11:29 am

Booze News

imagesThere will be no Super-Bowl Sunday bowl ban in San Francisco! Phew.

San Francisco’s bartenders won’t be locking up the Jack Daniels afterall come Super-Bowl Sunday.

Following San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee’s suggestion bars might want to ban hard alcohol to prevent post-Super Bowl riots – ala post-San Francisco World Series riots – his office clarified: “He did say ‘ban’ but not really what he meant,” texted Lee’s spokeswoman Christine Falvey. Instead she said his message was “suggesting moderation,” and to “tell businesses to be wary and not over serve.”

Still, in the wake of the mayor uttering the dreaded “B” word, came an internet storm of stories relaying the inglorious news San Francisco was banning hard booze on Super Bowl Sunday.

Yahoo listed San Francisco’s “booze ban” as one of its top Super Bowl-related searches.

The news even rattled all the way to Washington D.C., to the ears of the Distilled Spirits Council which fired off this statement:

“In calling for a ban on distilled spirits sales during the Super Bowl, Mayor Lee has missed an important opportunity to educate San Francisco citizens on key principles of responsible alcohol consumption.”