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Say what?! Health-conscious nightclub & bar trends coming up

on 06/04/15 at 11:07 am

Booze News

index1The nightclub and bar industry might be an unlikely place to find entrepreneurs catering to health-conscious consumers — but when any opportunity knocks, someone usually tries to capitalize.

Amid the ocean of alcohol at last week’s Nightclub and Bar Convention and Trade Show, a handful of merchandisers promoted their products as being, perhaps not what the doctor ordered, but at least not as likely to cause a hangover as the traditional shot and a beer.

Of course, a trade show such as this one that is considered the biggest event in the industry, where new brands, cocktail recipes and technologies have been unveiled each year since 1986, is no place to announce advances in medicine. The words organic, wellness and holistic weren’t easy to spot amid the din of karaoke hucksters, vaporizer vendors and social media marketers. This year featured the unveiling of Jevo, the world’s first fully automated jello shot maker.

“The healthiest part of this show is the end,” said Brian Franzen of Handle This Cup, a Greeley, Colo.-based company that makes a product with absolutely no health benefit but precisely the type of commodity of interest to nightlife promoters.

Franzen offers a solution to an alcohol-consumption-related problem: How to carry multiple beers at a time. The handles stack together so drinkers can manipulate as many cups of beer as they have the strength to hold. After a tailgating party, fans facing a long line to get into a stadium for a concert or game could stack several Handle This Cups together to avoid the buzzkill of the queue.