Sideways Goes Vertical

on 13/10/10 at 10:49 am

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“Sideways” writer Rex Picket on his sequel to the smash book and movie.

Sideways,” released in 2004, is arguably the most influential wine-themed film in American history. It grossed $250 million, damaged Merlot’s reputation with a single line, and people are still debating whether the film alone caused Pinot Noir sales to spike, or was merely a factor in the variety’s astonishing success.

The film, directed by Alexander Payne, was based on a novel by the same name written by Rex Pickett, and his latest literary endeavor is the sequel, Vertical. The self-published novel will be available on in November. In his first interview about Vertical, Pickett talks to WE about the possibility of a follow-up movie and his tumultuous experiences post-Sideways success.”

{Full interview via Wine Enthusiast}

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