Site suggests cocktails based on your musical taste

on 15/11/11 at 7:58 am

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There are plenty of reasonable excuses for hitting the bottle, but — generally speaking — music isn’t one of them. Until now.

That’s because there’s now a website which will suggest cocktails based on the music you happen to be listening to.

The site’s called Drinkify and — according to its description — it creates drink suggestions by combining technologies from Echo Nest (a music intelligence platform which helps identify and analyze music) and (a music catalog) with a “proprietary Drinkify database.”

This means that you can enter an artist name or a song title in order to receive a simple drink recipe.

I entered “Johnny Cash” and was told to combine some whiskey and honey. I put in “Jimi Hendrix” and was told to enjoy some bourbon (served neat).

Not bad.

But then I entered “Justin Bieber” and I was baffled to find that the site recommended … an energy drink. Is Drinkify perhaps tweaking suggestions based on whether an artist is of legal drinking age?

SOURCE Digital Life

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