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Smoked Salmon Vodka & 9 Other Bizarre-Flavored Alcoholic Drinks

on 31/08/11 at 5:29 pm

Booze News

An alcoholic yogurt liqueur, a bitter apéritif made from artichokes… how about a concoction featuring wood chips steeped in liquor that is touted as “Dominican Viagra”? It would be difficult to hear about such spirits and not wonder whether the world of bizarre booze is spiraling out of control.

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Of course, some of the aforementioned spirits, like the vegetal Cynar, for example, are not new to the scene. Still, that its place behind the contemporary bar probably wouldn’t surprise many is certainly worth noting. And beyond the comeback of retro-bizarre spirits, with modern mixologists slinging everything-but-the-kitchen-sink cocktails at top bars in the U.S., the hunt for the next hot trend in liquor has created some frankly unique creations. Such is the case with Root, an all-organic, botanical-loaded spirit with a storied past that has recently made a splash in the New York City bar scene.

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