Special for Passover. The Bitter-Herb Bloody Mary.

on 21/03/13 at 10:30 am

Booze News

a1The Gefilteria’s co-founder shows you how to spice up your horseradish—and make a Passover cocktail.

Horseradish is an essential part of any Seder, but is it anyone’s favorite part? Before you answer, remember that the bitter herbs, often shoveled out of jars that come in two uninspired, store-bought varieties—red and white, like wine and yet so different—have to compete for attention with sweet, crunchy charoset.

The Gefilteria, a boutique purveyor of “old world Jewish foods” In Brooklyn, wants to give horseradish another chance. As part of his mission to make Jewish food “relevant and delicious,” Gefilteria co-founder Jeffrey Yoskowitz shares a version of the company’s original recipe for carrot citrus horseradish—an “homage” to the carrot that sits atop the gefilte fish—as well as his recipe for Bloody Marys. It’s a stiff drink, which we never turn down, but we appreciate even more the sweet nod to one of the Ten Plagues.

Watch the video to learn how to mix up your own batch at home. Plus, there are cats. The Internet loves cats.