Spirits of Mexico Festival comes to NY, Chicago & San Diego

on 13/03/12 at 11:59 am

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–New York, Chicago and San Diego to be Stops on 2012 Tour —

The oldest, largest and most comprehensive celebration of agave-based spirits in North America, the Spirits of Mexico Festival, will expand to New York City and Chicago with a series of events already made popular by its week-long festival held annually in San Diego. The Spirits of Mexico celebrates the art of distilling agave spirits and hosts best-selling authors and critics, top mixologists and master distillers from world-renowned and new-to-market brands who share their skills, experience and above all, their spirits.

According to Founder and Executive Director Dori Bryant, last year marked the festival’s best year to date. The record-breaking event featured 220 expressions of agave spirits ranging from award-winning Reposados, Blancos and Añejos, to Bacanoras, Sotols and Mezcals, and drew more than 800 attendees in the first day alone. Crotalo Tequila, which premiered at the Spirits of Mexico Festival, was only the second tequila brand in the event’s eight-year history to receive the “Best of Show” award for its Extra Añejo expression from the Festival’s prestigious annual Tasting Competition.

“The overwhelming support from participating brands, plus the past attendance growth proves that we have not only earned the respect of the industry and the enthusiasts, but we have secured our status as the industry’s premier event for Mexican spirits,” said Bryant. “We are thrilled to expand our reach to New York and Chicago and intend to share and pass on our passion for all things agave.”

The Spirits of Mexico will begin in New York City in May, travel west to Chicago in July and will conclude in September with a week-long festival in San Diego. Each city will feature a variety of events including head-to-head mixologist throw-downs, tequila tastings, master distiller presentations, educational seminars, award ceremonies, live auctions and plenty of authentic Mexican cuisine perfect for pairing with tequila.

To complement the festival, IWSC Group has launched a new user-friendly website that caters to tequila experts and enthusiasts alike. Here, visitors can find the latest details regarding event dates, ticket information, a photo gallery of past events and everything there is to know about agave-based spirits.

The Spirits of Mexico, formally owned by the Polish Palate, was acquired by the IWSC Group last year. A leader in organizing wine and spirit competitions around the globe, IWSC Group has rebranded the Spirits of Mexico Festival to feature a new logo and website. For more information about the New York City Spirits of Mexico Festival, call 727-947-3522, or visit, www.thespiritsofmexico.com.

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