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Still On the Paleo Diet? At Least Enjoy a Beer

on 04/05/15 at 11:03 am

Booze News

images2Our ancestors likely got into fermented grains and fruit, so drink up.

It turns out that you can thank your ancestors for your eye color, your ability to make a fire with only minimal grunting, and your love of booze—especially beer and wine.

A lot has been written about how the Paleo diet isn’t really all that similar to what our ancestors actually ate. (More on that here and here and here.) Most importantly, it turns out that the “no grain-based beer” rule for the Paleo diet may be bunk too. Our ancestors were boozers, turning both fruit and grain into fermented goodness.

Dr. Pat McGovern, a bimolecular archeologist at the University of Pennsylvania, has studied ancient spirits for the past quarter century. By testing the remnants of wine or beer found on shards of pottery, he’s been able to piece together much of what our ancestors drank, which he writes about in his 2009 book Uncorking The Past.