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Strange Bedfellows: Scotch Whisky and Oysters

on 27/02/14 at 1:36 pm

Booze News

indexScotch and oysters start out seeming like odd mates, but sip, slurp, close your eyes, and enjoy the fun of two great delicacies come together. Imagine scotch in its native habitat: oyster-grey sky, fog thick with salt spray, just the faintest whiff of the sea rolling over green hills. The old garden adage, “What grows together goes together,” works here, too.

The fine folks of Bowmore Single Malt Whisky have caught onto this, and paired up with local oyster experts Taylor Shellfish to demonstrate the beauty of these briny bedfellows. Johnnie Mundell, an educator for Bowmore, recently dropped into Seattle to help a few of our town’s skilled bartenders learn the art of pairing our native bivalves with his scotches.

Mundell explained his extremely complicated process to get the most out of the pairing: sip some of the oyster liquor (the juice in the shell), followed by a bit of the scotch.