Study advocates free booze for the homeless

on 19/12/10 at 2:05 pm

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A University of Victoria study recommends hiking alcohol prices in the province, while giving homeless people controlled access to free booze.

That way, the study’s authors argue, young people will be less likely binge drink, and homeless people will be less likely to turn to cheaper non-beverage alternatives, like hairspray and hand sanitizer.

Alcohol in B.C. is extremely cheap compared to other provinces. The study compared the minimum prices of street-level drugs and alcohol across the province and found booze to be the cheapest mind-altering substance available. The average price of a beer is $1.86, but you can get a bottle of cheap swill for as low as $0.77. The average price for a spirit is $2.11, but they go as low as $1.01.

“The minimum price for exceeding national, low health-risk drinking guidelines on a single day was $2.32 for a woman and $2.90 for a man,” said Tim Stockwell, director of Centre for Addictions Research of B.C. and lead researcher in the study, in a uVic release.

{Full story via Toronto Sun}

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