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Summer’s coming! Boozy popsicle recipes to keep you cool!

on 12/06/15 at 10:08 am

Booze News

9491823460_17ebd75fb8s_cWhen you were a kid, convincing your mom for some change for a Rocket Pop was a big win. But you’re an adult now (age-wise, at least), and not only can you buy a Rocket Pop whenever you damn well please, but you can also indulge in liquor-laced popsicles. Make these 15 booze-filled pops for your friend’s next BBQ, or just leave them in your freezer and have a fun-filled weekend alone. We’re not here to judge.

Roasted strawberry red wine popsicles

What you’ll need: Strawberries, granulated sugar, sweet red wine, balsamic vinegar (optional)
How many it makes: 6-8
Recipe: Pastry Affair