Taj Mahal Palace Hotel hopes to serve Obama rare 40 year old scotch

on 02/11/10 at 11:14 am

Booze News

Mumbai: Although US President Barack Obama will be only served food made by his personal chef, the management at Taj Mahal Palace Hotel hope they can at least welcome Obama with an exclusive drink.

To that end, the hotel has prepared a list of high-end liquor that will be served to the President, including the rare Glenfiddich scotch whisky.

A hotel source revealed, “The hotel has arranged for the best available liquor for Obama and wife Michelle.

These drinks are kept only for our special guests. We are hoping that the President will have a drink with us when he is here.”

The highlight at the President’s bar will be the Glenfiddich 40-Year-Old Rare Collection scotch.

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