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Tasty Thursday Night @ Bow&Truss in NoHo

on 05/03/13 at 11:07 am

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Old Fashioneds lined up ready for their close-up

a1~ Reporter DR Stewart

Last Thursday, as February died a peaceful death, Boozenews got treated to a select group tasting of whiskey, sherry and small plates at NoHo’s Bow&Truss. Bow&Truss is one of the many new classy joints making its way into the NoHo art district renaissance. Bow&Truss comes at with you an upscale menu and great open air space, combined with inside dining. The Thursday tastings are planned to be a staple of their calendar and this one was well-attended with a reasonable price of $25 per.


That’s Jonny Whitton on the right and those are delicious Old Fashioneds


This particular adventure was hosted by bar manager Jonny Whitton and executive chef — Stefhanie Meyers. Whitton informed us that whiskey in its “white” phase is actually what our country cousins call “Moonshine.” We were treated to tastes of his two favorite whiskeys (Old Forester and Buffalo Trace) and then he made some mind-bending old fashions out of them. The Buffalo Trace comes from Frankfurt, KY, and is 51% corn mash. It’s reasonably priced ($21.99 at BevMo) and benefits from barrel charring at what is considered to be the  oldest continuously operating distillery in America. Exec Chef Meyer plated up some scallops and mushroom creations that complimented the treats. Then they pulled out various Sherrys for tasting. I have to admit — I’m a bit of a plebe here — I kept tasting the sherry and wanting to ask for olive oil and some broadleaf spinach. Could fine sherry be the next trend? I sure had trouble distinguishing notable differences between the brands (Luastau, Amontillado, Oloroso), but I can’t be the only bellweather of all things booze.


Bow & Truss
11122 Magnolia Blvd.
North Hollywood, CA