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The 10 Most Annoying Cocktail Trends

on 17/10/12 at 1:59 pm

Booze News

Can we all agree that no one wants vodka that tastes like a marshmallow? This week we launched the results of our first ever mixology survey, and the voters sounded off about the cocktail trends that annoy them the most. Wacky flavors of vodka were a common refrain, and we think that the commenters would go crazy if that marshmallow cocktail cracked the $15 mark. From weird glassware to way-expensive libations, click through the below slide show for a list of trends that make another round seem like a bad idea.


Too Many Ingredients 

Have you noticed that drinks are taking longer and longer to make these days? Well, it’s no surprise if you actually watch the bartender make them at some high-end spots. We lost count of ingredients when he put down his eyedropper and started spraying mists on the glass from teeny bottles. Drinks with a large variety of ingredients annoyed our surveyors, with one saying, “Combinations of >10 ingredients seem ‘fancy’ but taste like mud,” and another complaining that the ingredients themselves are just, well, ridiculous. “I went to a place that serves a drink with thyme-infused apple liquor and zerbens pine. It tasted like a Christmas tree.”

FULL STORY via Zagat.com