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The 10 Rules of Drinking Like a Woman

on 20/09/11 at 8:59 pm

Booze News

“A while back I came across Andrew Bohrer’s “10 Rules of Drinking Like a Man” on his blog Cask Strength. Its depth and profundity inspired me to break it down for the ladies.”

1. Drink Like a Woman, Not Like a Man

There is nothing more unattractive than a woman taking shot after shot or slamming beer after beer in an attempt to keep up with men. Totally ew. Sure it’s fun to shotgun a beer at a BBQ once in a while, but the Quadruple-Anonymous-Grain-Alcohol-Splash-Monster-Energy-Drink-In-A-Plastic-Cup-Straight-To-The-Face mentality should have died when you completed your undergrad. Health risks aside, binge drinking will age you fast and give you “Man Face.”
We’re also dealing with contrasting standards; a drunk man is to be expected, but an annihilated woman smashing into furniture with her tittonies hanging out is just ugly. You’re embarrassing yourself, your friends, your sex, and you’ll probably go home with some guy you think looks like Mickey Rourke from 1985, then wake up to “The Wrestler” making you breakfast.

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