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The 50 Best Movie & TV Bartenders of All Time

on 27/04/15 at 9:19 am

Booze News

indexWe expect certain things out of bartenders. Maybe they’re your de facto therapists, doling out shots and life lessons in equal measure. Maybe they’re your wingmen, helping you navigate the waters of relationships. Or maybe, just maybe, they’re minions of Satan disguised in nice ties, ready to coerce you into murdering your family with an axe. But even then, at least they know how to make a hell of a Manhattan.

For better or worse, few bartenders are actually like the ones we’ve seen on TV or in the movies. But we can still dream, and that’s why we’ve taken it upon ourselves to rank our favorite TV and movie bartenders from worst to best. But we’re not ranking them by how iconic they are — rather, we’re focusing on their skill behind the bar. Customer service goes a long way in a bar. Especially when you’re focused on work instead of play.

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