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The Most Stupidly Expensive Cocktails in the World

on 09/04/12 at 11:07 am

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Money is for spending, improving your life, and making you feel better, which makes a cocktail the perfect purchase. Hangovers are easier to deal with than taxes, because you actually can hide under the bedcovers until they go away. Anyone complaining about that cocktails cost more is forgetting that money is a medium of exchange, so piling it up and not spending it makes as much sense as any other type of medium: you’re just sitting around looking at pictures of dead people and imagining things.

But the only thing worse than not buying mixed drinks would be buying one of these.

The Kentucky Derby Mint Julep, $1000
Location-based posing

The Kentucky Derby is where tens of thousands of humans cram themselves together to worship horses, lose money, vomit, and basically try to prove evolution as wrong as possible. The big race is only two minutes long. So many people haven’t gone through so much hassle for 120 seconds of excitement since the invention of disappointing sex. The official drink of the Derby is the Mint Julep, and this year a limited edition Julep will both cost $1000 and not be a joke.

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