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The Science Behind Shaking…a Cocktail. Learn How Here.

on 25/02/13 at 2:27 pm

Booze News

imagesThe search for the perfect shake: which techniques result in the lowest temperature? How long should you shake to achieve optimum dilution? Can a short, sharp shake get the same results as a long one? And is there a ‘perfect’ shaker out there?

These burning questions lie behind Bacardi Brown-Forman’s quest to undertake the world’s biggest investigation into shaking.

What’s your style: are you a Duracell Bunny or a pocket rocket? Machine gun or more of a ‘vibrator’? Compare your shake to the ones in the video.

So far, they’ve videoed more than 400 bartenders and charted their progress. OK, it’s not the most scientific or controlled of experiments, but Ian McLaren, head of product training & mixology, says they have collated some pretty compelling evidence for what makes a good shake – and, of course, picked out some common errors in technique that can now be demonstrated as ineffective.

Each bartender shook 50ml of 40% abv spirit, chose from a cobbler shaker, three-piece shaker, Parisian shaker, Boston glass and tin and two tins. They then added their own measure of ice and shook using their usual style for their own chosen length of time. Ian and his team videoed them, timed them and measured the resultant temperature and the volume of strained liquid as a proxy for dilution.

Here are the investigation’s preliminary results…