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The World’s 50 Best Bars – 2013

on 29/10/13 at 10:06 am

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50-best_medIf you’ve read the title of this article, you now know my new mission in life. I have 50 places to visit and strike them out of the list one by one. The World’s 50 Best list is created by an Academy, which consists of a group of people that are among the most influential and knowledgeable in the bar industry. Academy members include industry legends, world-class bartenders, champion brand and category ambassadors, as well as bar owners and bartenders from our previous top 50 lists. This year, almost 230 voters from around the world were welcomed.

How does the voting work?

This is what the Academy asks of those who vote – “please nominate the five best bars in the world in your professional opinion. At least two of your votes must be international; the remaining three can be either from your own country or further international votes. Please list the bars in order of your preference, in case of a tie.”

The only criteria are:
– You must not currently work in/won the bars you vote for
– You should have visited the bars in the past two years
– The bars must still be open

Geographical spread of World’s 50 Best Bars Academy

– Africa & The Middle East 2%
– Asia Pacific 8%
– South & Central America 9%
– Australia & New Zealand 16%
– North America 17%
– UK 20%
– Europe 28%

The World’s 50 Best Bars – 2013

1. Artesian at the Langham Hotel, London
This is no ordinary 5-star hotel bar. If you want the trappings of tradition, you can have them because the chaps behind the stick know their classics. But if you want something a little, well, out of the ordinary, you’ve come to the right place. For a start, there’s a slushy machine and now the bar also boasts both pandas and goats.