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Thief Tries to Buy Beer With Bartender’s Stolen Credit Card. Doh.

on 13/09/12 at 2:38 pm

Booze News

A celebratory beer turned out to be a bad idea for a homeless man who used a stolen credit card — which actually belonged to the bartender.

David Weber, 53, allegedly broke into a car in a parking garage Monday night and lifted a credit card from inside the vehicle, according to police in Miami Beach, Fla.

With his new acquisition, cops said, he walked to the popular Ocean Drive club, The Clevelander, and ordered a beer. There, he handed over the card to the barkeep — the unbeknownst victim, the Miami Herald reported.

That prompted the bartender to have security summon the police. Weber was charged with theft and credit card fraud, and then placed into Miami-Dade County Jail early Tuesday on a $1,500 bond, according to inmate records.

Weber told police he found the card on the ground, the Herald reported.