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Think different booze affects you differently? Not so fast…

on 29/03/17 at 9:56 am

Booze News

boozeThere’s a persistent myth that different types of booze – tequila, bourbon, beer, Jägermeister, etc. – affects your buzz differently. Not true. Perhaps the myth has an overriding psychological effect and people adopt the mythological behavior of said booze, but it’s all in your head. Yeah, I know, you swear you act all crazy when you drink tequila, but it’s not the tequila making you nuts, it’s the alcohol content. And how fast and how many you drink.

“…as the Auburn University Health Promotion and Wellness Services department points out, one average “drink” is about as intoxicating as any other — one can of beer is about as alcoholic as a regular-sized glass of wine, which has about the same alcohol content as one shot or a mixed drink made with one shot.”

Toss back a bunch of shots of anything over an evening and, yeah, you’ll be crazy drunk for sure. Nurse a beer or a cocktail – made with any booze – over a couple of hours, and you’re fresh as a daisy. Or a dandelion.