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Three days of fressing at The Taste! So why can’t I zip up my pants?

on 08/09/15 at 10:19 am

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woman-barfinal2-150x1502Okay, so you think you can pace yourself when you go to a food festival and only eat a tiny bite of each star restaurant’s sample offerings? Can you hear me laughing?! I covered four sessions, Saturday day, Field to Fork; Saturday night, Dinner with a Twist; Sunday day, Sunday Brunch & BBQ; and Sunday night, Flavors of L.A. Let’s say you tried everyone of the total of one hundred and fifty restaurant samples at approximately two hundred and fifty calories a piece (I’m totally guessing here), that would be thirty-seven THOUSAND seven hundred and fifty calories in two days! You’re thinking, “Nobody would eat all that!” and you’d be right but the possibility remains. Who knows, somebody might actually have done it.taste

My strategy was to just take a bite of whatever beautiful offering there was – everything was beautifully plated – and move on to the next sample. That worked sometimes but some of the food was just too delicious to throw away. BTW, the people collecting the many, quickly filled garbage containers, did a spectacular job. They were constantly replacing the garbage bags which made for a much appreciated tidy venue.


Badmaash – the badass Indian resto

The restaurants that worked the venue did an amazing job of keeping the food coming and only a few super popular places had  long lines which, truth be told, were a good opportunity to digest before fressing some more. And a cool way to meet your fellow gluttons. Or should I say ‘gourmands’. The longest line was always at Badmaash, the cool Indian food gastropub that likes to get in your face…in more ways than one. Believe me, it’s worth it.

There were so many great chefs serving their very own food and who were always gracious and willing to chat midst the tumult. The wildly popular chi SPACCA ran out of food! Kim Trac had to tell disappointed fans that there was nada left. I asked Zach Allen, chi SPACCA’s executive chef, how he prepared for all the anticipated guests and this is what they brought: twenty whole lamb shoulders, each about eight to ten pounds, two – four ounce portions per guest. My brilliant suggestion was to run out to Ralph’s for more lamb! He laughed and said the lamb had to marinate for a whole day so that idea was quickly off the table. Here’s a picture of Zach and Kim at the end of the night still in affable good humor.

With all of the wine, spirits and beer available, amazingly, everyone was very well-behaved. Knob Creek bourbon and rye and Don Julio tequila set up kickass bars. Other spirits were happily represented as was beer with Goose Island and Stella Artois serving from their refreshing bars.


Zach Allen & Kim Trac

The TASTE always lands on Labor Day weekend, possibly the hottest weekend of the year. The blacktop at Paramount Studios doesn’t help but people powered through and enjoyed another terrific event. There are more pictures on Instagram: awomanwalksintoabar and more to come.

You can find the list of this year’s restaurants, wines, spirits and beer at The Taste for a taste of what’s to come next year!

Where are my Tums?