How to throw a cocktail party like a pro. Here's an excellent guide

on 27/11/10 at 11:19 am

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When it comes to throwing a successful party at home, though, Grindy insists you won’t need a lab coat. “The best cocktails don’t need to be complicated,” he says. “They should be simple yet elegant – just like your soirée.”


“You’ll want a vibrant crowd,” says Grindy. “And definitely some single people. You don’t want this to be a couples’ party.” A 70-per-cent RSVP rate, he adds, is normal: For a 20-person party, invite about 30 folks.


Glassware is crucial. “You don’t want crystal because people might be getting tipsy,” Grindy says. “But then again, you don’t want to serve cocktails in red plastic beer cups.” Find affordable, durable glasses: Two 12-ounce double rocks glasses and one Champagne flute per guest should do it.

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