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Top 10 Flask designs to carry your distilled beverages

on 11/11/11 at 11:28 am

Booze News

Generally flasks are those used to carry beverages hot or cold depending on the drink you carry. The flasks used to store beverages are vacuum flasks, which will keep the contents hot or cold. In our day to day life we see flasks which are normal, there are few designer flasks which have a cool look.

Now let us see a few of the flask designs:

1. NEC Flask Phones

NEC Flask Phones

The NEC flask phones are see-through phones which run on liquid fuel and is also a flask phone that looks like a huge cigarette lighter. This flask phone features a transparent design with touch screen on one side where we can monitor the fuel usage, that is, how much fuel is left. The buttons are also transparent in this flask phone. As the fuel inside it finishes the phone stops working. But the colors of this flask phone looks women friendly and are available only in three colors which are light green, blue and pink. The price of this is currently not available.


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