Top 10 Wedding Drinks Trends To Use For Any Party

on 03/05/14 at 9:49 am

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102761014b61113679db3c115d6308b4The average couple will make hundreds of decisions in planning their big day, but none is more important than the drinks they choose to serve their guests, some might say.

With pre-meal arrival drinks, drinks at the table and then drinks at the bar, there is plenty to consider when selecting, and serving, the perfect drinks to keep your guests entertained and dancing into the wee hours.

As Debrett’s wedding guide warns, “the beginning of the reception is a crucial time” when there must be “plenty of drinks available” for the couple’s booze-hungry guests.

From signature cocktails, beverage bars and miniature platters to jam jars and alternative toasts, the possibilities to add a personal touch to your wedding drinks menu are endless.


1. Signature cocktails, where a couple concocts their own drink to be served to their guests, have been a staple at weddings for many years. More recently, and perhaps to avoid a pre-marital squabble, couples are taking to creating two “his and her” cocktails for their guests, often served at DIY bars in which guests mix their own drinks, guided by vintage signs or shabby-chic chalkboards.