Top 5 Mistakes Wineries Make On Facebook

on 26/01/11 at 11:46 am

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5. Not Embracing the Human Element

As the Internet is evolving, it is becoming inherently more human. You can’t just setup a website, or in this case a Facebook Page and hope people love you and your content!
In order to embrace the human element, it is wise to show your audience what you look like. People have a hard time relating to a logo, so find some way to incorporate this into your Page profile picture, maybe even change it up every now and then.

Also be weary about automating any part of your Social Media. Going back to one of my previous points, people aren’t stupid, they will see through your thinly veiled attempt to try and appear human! I’ve started seeing automation a lot recently (on Facebook and Twitter), as more applications become available which let users schedule automatic or reoccurring updates. There are ways to link Facebook to your Twitter account, so every time your post on Twitter, your Facebook followers will see the same thing. This is a great tool, and will certainly save a good amount of time, but be careful! Make sure you are in turn checking your Facebook Page to ensure all comments are responded to.

So to my last point; you need to respond to EVERY. SINGLE. COMMENT. on your Facebook Page. If you post an article and someone comments, make sure you at least acknowledge their presence. This of course is impossible if you are a brand like Skittles (which has pushing 15 million fans), but I’m guessing you’re not (and you don’t)!

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