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Traveling? How To Order A Beer & Say ‘Cheers’ in 20 Countries

on 02/07/13 at 10:34 am

Booze News

indexWhen you share a beer with someone, there’s a certain understanding: you’re both there to relax. Beer is, really, the universal language. The only issue, when traveling abroad, is ordering that beer in the first place (and knowing what to do with it without being rude). We’re here to help.

As an overall consensus, there are a few pretty universal expectations throughout the world: The host gives the first toast (unless a guest of honor is elected to do so), an honored guest should return the toast later in the meal, and one should never start drinking before everyone’s glass is full and a toast (if applicable) is given. In summary, be tactful. And enjoy.

How to order a beer: Una cerveza, por favor (oo-na thair-veh-tha, por fa-vor)
How to say ‘cheers’: Salud (sah-lood)
Note: In Spain, people drink socially for pleasure and are less inclined to binge drink. However, it is common for younger Spaniards (around college-age) to botellón, an outdoor gathering in a plaza with friends to drink from large bottles of beer, large bottles filled with mixed drinks, or boxed wine between the hours of 11pm to 3am or later.

How to order a beer: Une biére, s’il vous plaît (oon bee-air, seel voo pleh)
How to say ‘cheers’: Santé (sahn-tay)
Note: Be gentle with pouring — never fill the glass more than half-way — alcohol is something that is to be savored, not guzzled. Never drink before every single person has been served, and never fill your own glass.