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Ultimate Whiskey Companion, Distiller, Launches Mobile App

on 11/02/14 at 11:43 am

Booze News

screen480x480Distiller, the world’s first whiskey recommendation and discovery platform, today announced the launch of their iOS app for personalized whiskey recommendations, now available in the App Store. The free Distiller app has updated features that give the whiskey adventurous a deep understanding of the vast and varied world of whiskey, through a seamless mobile interface.

In December, Distiller launched their web-based platform to make whiskey exploration more approachable and engaging. The Distiller app expands on this platform with added features for search and discovery. Users can now opt to specify by price point and type of whiskey they’re looking for, such as “scotch under $50” or simply, “something to sip by the fire.”

Distiller aims to lower the barriers to whiskey discovery and fine-tune the pursuit of the perfect bottle. With such wide-ranging brands and varieties, whiskey choices are often misguided, and based on parameters like price as a measurement of quality, or ill-advised recommendations from a server looking for a sale. Distiller works with whiskey experts, connoisseurs, and consumers to understand what makes a particular whiskey work well for a particular palate, in a particular situation, at a particular price-point. The result is a proprietary algorithm for analyzing a database that contains tens-of-thousands of data points describing the complex flavors of whiskey, and also the more product-oriented attributes like price, reputation, and even “giftability,” to produce recommendations with a limitless capacity for customization.

“Exploring new whiskeys can be an expensive risk and an intimidating experience. Distiller was created as a whiskey companion to encourage everyone, from the toe-dippers to connoisseurs, to find something new and exciting in a comfortable environment,” said Mikael Mossberg, Co-founder of Distiller. “The Distiller app goes beyond the label to offer suggestions not necessarily based on category or type, but more on personal tastes that align with the unique characteristics of each bottle.”

Key features of the app include:

·      Personalized whiskey recommendations: Answer a few questions on preference, budget, and circumstances to prompt tens-of-thousands of data points leading to a tailored suggestion. Users also now have the option to search for whiskey based on type and origin.

·      Top Shelf: Rate bottles, take notes, then save to your own Top Shelf to reference later on. The Top Shelf not only keeps track of your favorite whiskeys, but also helps enhance the recommendation technology. Users can also share on Facebook or Twitter, for a not-so-subtle gift suggestion.

·      Unique Flavor Profile: New way to visualize a whiskey’s flavor notes as compared with other bottles, to help find the best match.

·      Distiller Ratings: The Distiller Tasting Table, a curated panel of industry experts passionate and knowledgeable about whiskey, reviews and rates every bottle in the Distiller database.

“You don’t have to be a professional whiskey expert to appreciate a nice single malt or bourbon,” said Brent Stiefel, Co-founder of Distiller. “Whiskey appreciation is really an ongoing process of experimentation and research, the Distiller app makes that process even more fluid and enjoyable.”


Download the app here.