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Unsteady Forklift Smashes $1 Mil Worth of Wine & a Nation Mourns

on 24/07/11 at 7:56 pm

Booze News

This is one spill that’s won’t be rubbed out easily.

That’s because this was no bottom-shelf wine. 462 cases of Australian wine, each bottle valued at $185 Australian dollars (about $200), fell 20 feet off a forklift as it was being loaded onto a ship Thursday.

Only one case of the 2010 Mollydooker Velvet Glove shiraz survived the drop, with the other 461 – a total of 5,532 bottles of the primo vino – smashing onto the Adelaide wharf. The loss totals more than AUD$1 million for Australian winemaker Sparky Marquis.

Marquis said that he was “gut-wrenched” and “numb” after receiving the call that one-third of his yearly output had landed in a pile of glass shards. “It was like a murder scene. There was red everywhere,” Marquis said. In fact, he had hoped it was a hoax until he arrived at the scene, Adelaide’s Advertiser newspaper reported.

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