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UPDATE: Man fasts on beer & water for Lent, pretends he’s ancient monk

on 01/04/11 at 10:33 am

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After consuming only beer and water for 23 days, J. Wilson says there are two things he’s sick of — morning radio shows and the Illuminator Doppelbock he’s vowed to subsist on through Lent.

The Iowa newspaper editor and beer blogger is halfway through his quest to live on the “liquid bread” diet, a 300-year-old idea brewed up by German monks who did not eat during Lent. So far, Wilson says his fast has proven easier than he expected.

“I was hungry the first couple of days, but after that, the hunger is gone,” said Wilson, editor of the weekly Adams County Press. “I’m not hungry.”

Wilson said he was down to 145 pounds Thursday, 15 off his starting weight of 160 on Ash Wednesday, March 9. His kidney function drew some attention during a visit to the doctor this week, but that’s easily controlled by more water consumption, Wilson says.

“At this point I’ve chewed up all the old hamburgers and doughnuts, and I’ve used up all my body fat,” the married father of two said. “Now my body has turned on itself and is eating its own protein, and that’s clogging the kidneys.”

Wilson, who describes himself as a nondenominational Christian, says he’s drinking four 12-ounce, 288-calorie Doppelbocks a day on weekdays, and five a day on the weekends. So far, that comes to about 11 gallons of beer.

{Full story via Chicago Tribune}

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